The Big Give Campaign Evaluation

The Big Give Christmas Challenge – What we’ve learned?

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020 was a milestone for us. We’d never attempted such a fundraiser, especially one as ambitious as the Big Give. 

We’re delighted to share an evaluation of our first-ever online campaign and its impact on our work. 

As a small completely volunteer-run group with limited time and capacity it was quite a challenge to develop our social media presence and encourage online donations. 

The campaign was a great learning experience – as well as a true success. We set ourselves a target of £5,000 and ended up raising an incredible £7,027!

As well as strengthening collaboration between trustees, volunteers and our Ugandan partners, our internal and external communications strategy has been revolutionised as a result of the campaign. The campaign helped us reach new supporters and strengthen our existing supporter relationships.

We’ve come a long way since Christmas 2020 and we continue to adapt and learn from everything we do. Encouraged by all your support, we feel confident and enthusiastic to participate again this year. We’d welcome hearing your thoughts on the campaign, so please do get in touch.

Read the full evaluation to find out more about our key learnings and results from the campaign.

English version of the evaluation

Welsh version of the evaluation

Thank you for being part of our journey!