Ngora in one year of Coronavirus

by Moses Ekoi

In the whole of Uganda, a year after Coronavirus broke in the country, 342 lives have been lost and many remain in the hospital and thousands are battling with the after effects as well as stigma. (The World Health
Organisation reported 42,032 cases and 342 deaths as at 6 May 2021 from

The health experts worried that Uganda and African Countries would suffer a devastating effect. Truly that is exactly what our community has gone through when conditions brought shock and panic to all communities
because life turned to be hard and difficult.

The government has now announced the easing of the lockdown restrictions such as public transport and these have now helped the communities to some extent to figure how to meet the basic needs.

Quite a number of restrictions are still on, but we are grateful because only two people died in our Community and one was a grandfather of one of our
children in the project (we are sorry for this loss).