Update on Covid 19 cases
The latest figures from the World Health Organisation as at 7 October are: total confirmed cases in Uganda 9082, which equates to 198 cases per 100,000 people, with confirmed deaths 84. Comparative figures from WHO for the UK are: 530,117 cases, which equates to 7808 cases per 100,000 with 42,445 deaths. Uganda has been widely praised by the WHO and the African Centre for Disease Control for their handling of the pandemic. Having learnt from its experience of the Ebola outbreak, Uganda has had the most stringent lockdown in Africa, which has only recently been lifted, banning cars and public gatherings, with a complete night-time curfew after 6.30 pm. All this has paid off but at a price. The harsh restrictions have impacted on livelihoods (without any financial help from the government) and disrupted daily life and the very limited health services. In addition, the government has been accused of human rights violations as the security services were particularly harsh on anyone caught infringing the restrictions. Sources: and the “Global Health Bulletin”.

Exam Classes back soon in Uganda
Schools are re-opening on 15 October, but only for exam classes unfortunately. Children have been deprived of education for 7 months and there’s very little opportunity for remote learning and support, as there has been here. Education is the prime means of getting out of poverty and this could have a very detrimental effect on children’s education and their future prospects. We hope that all other classes will resume as soon as possible.

How Project Children are coping
We have had letters from a number of children us well here and saying how “scared” they have been for us all when news reached them of our shocking death rate. Ugandan families are very resilient in the face of the many problems they face and children are no exception.
Aida: “In this period I have managed to help the family in agriculture work and I have also got some simple job in a certain farm where I make feed for animals using maize”.
William: “I still hope to resume my studies when the government re-opens schools. At this period of Covid 19 I am at home harvesting groundnuts and planting sweet potatoes. Life has not been easy but I am always strong and hopeful for the best in this current situation”.
Emmanuel: “I am helping other farmers to weed their crops and harvest their produce and in turn they pay me money that helps me to survive and I pray for the schools to open”.