This is an image painted by Simon Omoding of trees and rocks from an exhibition of stories and pictures by young people inspired by the prehistoric rock paintings in Nyero near to Kumi and Ngora. The exhibition is a visual treat that raises awareness about Uganda’s cultural history and creativity and can be seen in the window of Brynteg, High Street, Llanfyllin. 

Nyero Rock Paintings has caves and messages from people of long ago”. Silvia Tagaikin 

“Nyero Rock Paintings bring pride to the people around the area. Oh! What a marvellous place it is so I welcome everyone all over the world to come and see it and enjoy the natural beauty”. Sharon Alojong

This is Sarah, one of the skills trainers who works with children in both Ngora and Nyero. She is wonderful with them, very commited and dynamic, despite her own share of problems. Here she reads a Ugandan Spirit of the Forest story to children in Nyero with Geshum peering over her shoulder to look at the pictures. The book was donated by story teller Helen East from Wales. The book has also inspired children to do their own paintings.


When Cordelia Weedon visited Uganda in January this year the community in Nyero put on a wonderful party for her with music, dance, and drama. Here is a link to some of the music and dance from the Nyero Rock Paintings Cultural Troup:

During lockdown in Wales Cordelia joined an outdoor singing group, Cantorion Gwyllt, and she suggested doing a music exchange, which everyone was up for. So they recorded 2 songs, Cysga Di, a Welsh lullaby, and Wade in the Water, a gospel song relating to slavery, and sent them to Uganda via What’s App. 

Comments from Wales on music from Uganda:

“I love their dancing” Miranda Glen, music tutor

“Fantastic! High energy and everyone doing a spot”, Rick Wilson, musician

“It is fabulous, so alive and joyous. I loved it and it cheered me up and I started dancing!” Helen East, storyteller

Comments from Uganda on music from Wales:

“This is wonderful – I didn’t know you had such wonderful singers too!” Moses Ekoi

“Wow wonderful – thank you so much – I like it – when I come to Wales I will join your choir” Arigo Immaculate 

“Beautiful music” Connie Kauma – Teacher at Busoga High School