Dolen Ffermio Ngora Vocational Institute

Dolen Ffermio receives its largest grant ever!

Elusen Canolbarth Cymru yn sicrhau doleni agosach gyda Dwyrain Uganda.

We are delighted and excited to announce that following our application for the Welsh Government’s Wales Africa Grant Scheme, Dolen Ffermio was recently awarded an amazing sum of £24,810.06. This grant will support the development of the Ngora Vocational Training Institute, a large project in Eastern Uganda delivered through our partner organisation Farmer’s Link Uganda (FARLU).  

This is a major step for us and the team in Uganda, enabling us to push a project which can make a substantial difference for the communities in the Ngora region. 

“I cannot express my joy that so much money is offered to the whole community, which we couldn’t get from elsewhere. The grant will also help us secure funding from other donors as it is an important signal that we can deliver the project.”

Moses Ekoi, Projects Lead, FARLU
Ruth demonstrates outside solar powered lighting
Ruth demonstrates outside solar powered lighting

The development of the Institute aims to tackle systemic gaps in the district, where, according to FARLU, 75% of the youth population is unable to access secondary education. 

Uganda is vastly affected by climate change with droughts, floods, famine, and further pressure resulting from population increase. Decreasing land availability, reduced soil fertility and devastation of natural resources are also having an effect. Young people make up 60% of the population and if given access to education they have the potential to become a huge resource to mitigate climate change.

The Institute will benefit disadvantaged young adults who struggle to afford school fees. Training places for initially 200 young people – carefully selected to ensure girls and women are included – will be provided in essential areas such as carpentry, building and agriculture. FARLU are planning to gradually increase the number of students in future years as the project becomes more established.

The funding will provide essential infrastructure (water and electricity) that will allow our partners to offer vocational training, as well as benefit the wider community through the use of the borehole. 

“The project is impactful for the community in many ways. For example, with the water, women can grow vegetables and save time because they would otherwise have to walk long distances to access water. The practices used at the Institute, for example around food growing, Permaculture and Fish Farming will also be applied to train the community and contribute to sustaining households.”

Moses Ekoi, Projects Lead, FARLU

The project also includes educational links between learners in Ngora district and Sir Drefaldwyn, mid-Wales. The planned connections with a Welsh vocational training college and a school are aiming to foster mutual learning, understanding of global issues and exchange of experience. 

We would like to say diolch to the Wales and Africa team in Welsh Government for putting trust in us, and the team at WCVA who administer the scheme and do everything they can to support us. 

Diolch also to Hub Cymru Africa for providing valuable advice in developing our application.

Rydym yn gyffroes iawn i barhau i weithio gyda’n partneriaid yn Nwyrain Uganda. Cadwch lygaid allan ar ein gwefan a’n cyfryngau cymdeithasol am fwy o ddiweddariadau dros y misoedd nesaf.