Dolen Ffermio is partner of Climate Cymru campaign

We have joined the Welsh initiative to call for climate action based on collaboration and global solidarity

We are proud to announce that we have recently become an official partner of the new Climate Cymru campaign. The initiative aims to collect voices from Welsh organisations and individuals and take them to the UN climate summit in Glasgow in November 2021. 

We were eager to get involved to show our support and to demonstrate that we care: Our partners in Uganda are at the forefront of climate change, they increasingly face challenges such as droughts, floods, shrinking harvests and crop diseases. That is why environmental and climate action is at the heart of our projects, whether it’s environmental farming and permaculture, tree and bamboo planting or the promotion of solar power and biogas. 

As partners of the Climate Cymru campaign, we want to help promote the movement. We have a profile on the campaign website in which we are calling for a mental shift towards climate justice which considers and involves countries in the global south more. Working with our partners in Uganda, we want to help find solutions at local levels, and we believe collaboration is key to enable purpose, concerted action. 

We are inviting all our members and supporters to consider to join the Climate Cymru initiative – it’s very simple to ‘add your voice’ on their website, but it makes a huge difference for its impact. Beyond adding your name, there are many ways to get involved, find out yourself: The campaign organisers are hoping to collect as many perspectives as possible from all parts of society – not just experts, but anyone. 

The more people join, the more powerful the message will be.