Life opportunities

In isolated Ugandan communities, it’s difficult for young people to access education and a means of making a living. Only one in four children starting primary school make it to secondary school. Simple supplies and training can vastly improves their life chances. Things like solar lighting and stationery help to keep them studying, while learning vocational skills — tailoring, carpentry, shoe-mending etc — means that young people can start their own businesses. 


Since 2006 the incredible generosity of our supporters has helped many hundreds of children and young people in Eastern Uganda.

In Ngora no fewer than 260 children have benefited from three years each on the project.

This has meant young children have been able to stay in primary school. Meanwhile, their older siblings have benefitted from vocational skills training, giving them the means to earn a living and even start their own businesses.

Mary Beisa was one of the children who took part in skills training and her talent was clear to see.

When Mary left school she was sponsored through a two year vocational training course in tailoring and design. She now has her own thriving business designing and crafting clothing.

Mary Beisa

“I have been practising on my skills and now I sew women’s dresses, men’s shirts, children’s clothes and bags. This has helped me earn a living and I can now buy sanitary pads, shoes and medicines. I also do saving for myself”
Mary Beisa, skills training participant