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at Christmas

Thanks to everyone who has donated to our Christmas campaign. We’ve raised nearly £6,000 through the Big Give – please continue to donate to us so that families in forgotten Ugandan communities can feed, wash and create opportunities for themselves


For many of us this year, Christmas may not bring the usual fun and festivities. But imagine one without clean water and soap. Without basic healthcare. Without books for children to read and learn from. Without being able to put a nutritious meal on the table.  

That’s the reality of life for many families in Eastern Uganda, where rural villages have been left behind by developing towns and cities. 

But we can help — by providing training and tools so communities can grow their own food sustainably, build their own sanitation systems and create their own opportunities for a better life.

Small gifts that make a big difference

Help families to grow their own healthy food

Many children and their families in rural Ugandan communities are severely undernourished.

With basic training and resources, families can grow an abundance of nutritious food. Using permaculture techniques, planting vegetables and fruit trees will also help to keep soil healthy and tackle deforestation, making food production more sustainable.

£10 will pay for seeds and training, so families can create their own kitchen gardens

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£8 will pay for a family to grow their own fruit trees

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Equip communities with basic hygiene training

Without access to basic washing facilities, families in rural villages are vulnerable to illnesses they simply don’t have the healthcare to treat. In Uganda, water and hygiene related infections kill around a thousand children every day — and Covid-19 has added yet more risk.  

We’ve found that training families to build and maintain their own ‘tip tap’ washstands can halve the number of infections. 

£6 will pay to train a family to build their own washstand and provide them with a supply of soap

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Create opportunities to learn and earn

In isolated Ugandan communities, it’s difficult for young people to access education and a means of making a living. Only one in four children starting primary school make it to secondary school.

Simple supplies and training can vastly improves their life chances. Things like solar lighting and stationery help to keep them studying, while learning vocational skills — tailoring, carpentry, shoe-mending etc — means that young people can start their own businesses.

£5 will pay for a solar lamp, so children like Lusi and Jennifer can study safely at night

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£25-£50 will pay for a young person to train in vocational skills

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“Learning has not ended for me. Supporting us to understand what will benefit our lives and grandchildren has been very important. I have learnt about permaculture for the first time in my life.”

John Mazaale 

“Now I sew dresses, shirts, children’s clothes and bags. This has helped me earn a living and I can now buy sanitary pads, shoes and medicines.”

Mary Beisa

“It has been a blessing to us. I’m now doing seed collection to raise more trees for myself. Planting a tree means a lot more than we thought as a community.”

Zam Nalubowa 

"I've not had a chance to have an education. There is so much we don’t know about land and we need to develop vocational skills among young people."

Ibrahim Balaaba


Who we are

 Based in Wales and Uganda, Dolen Ffermio is a very small charity that aims to make a lasting difference by lending a hand where it’s needed most. We work closely with Ugandan communities, helping families to become self-sufficient through sustainable farming and skills training.

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All the money we raise will go directly to our projects, benefitting hundreds of children and their families in left-behind Ugandan villages.   

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