£5,983 raised during Big Give Week

Our first ever Big Give Christmas fundraiser has been a huge success. Thanks to your generosity, we have raised a total of £5,983 during Big Give Week – completely smashing our target of £5,000. We would also like to thank our incredible pledgers and our match funders, The Waterloo Foundation, which together provided match funding of £2,500. 

This year has been more difficult than others. Your donations will go a long way this Christmas in Uganda, helping over 500 families. Needless to say, this money is going to make the world of difference to many children and families in Eastern Uganda, who have been hit very hard by the pandemic. As you may know, the Ugandan government has been hard pressed to keep the basic medical facilities going, and completely unable to support people financially. 

Your donations will help with food and nutrition, water and sanitation, and life skills. We shall be using some of the money to buy vegetable seeds and tree seedlings for nutritious, sustainable food production.  A proportion of the funds will pay for tip tap washing facilities, vital for good hygiene where there is no running water.  Education is very important to Ugandans, so school resources for children who have to supply their own and solar lanterns for night-time study where there is no electricity will be highly prized.  We place great emphasis on training children in skills to generate income now, and prepare them for vocational courses after school to enable them to find jobs or become self-employed. With your help, we will be able to support more young people, who will become the artists, entrepreneurs and farmers of tomorrow. 

On behalf of the whole Dolen Ffermio team, we send our heartfelt thanks for your vital contribution. But it is not too late to donate! Even though the Big Give campaign has ended, you can still make a gift by clicking here