An exciting new chapter for our vulnerable children project

The NOVC (Ngora Orphan & Vulnerable Children) project is evolving, as all such projects should over time. Since 2006 your incredible generosity has supported many hundreds of children, firstly in Kumi and for the past 8 years in Ngora. In Ngora no fewer than 260 children have benefited from 3 years each on the project, which has kept them in primary school, protected them from malaria, given them the means to build a sustainable future and provided them with first class skills training. The project has been a great success but, for a few years now, the team leader, Moses Ekoi, and his committee have been concerned that when the children leave primary school, they have not been able to help them to transfer to good secondary schools. Primary education is free in Uganda but not so secondary education and a lot of children are forced to drop out when their families can’t afford to pay the fees. 

Moses was desperately keen to remedy this situation and he came up with a plan to build a Resource and Training Centre which would be open to all young people in the community. It was also time to move the project from Moses’ own compound so the first step was to buy a plot of land. This he did with money donated by trustees and Moses himself. The government has inspected the land and approved the scheme. It is hoped and expected that they will fund the final stages and the running costs as it will be part of the Education Service. Dolen Ffermio, together with our partners in this new venture, Dolen Llanbrynmair, are hoping that we can help to fund resources and subsidise the fees of families who can’t afford to pay. We plan to do this through the gift catalogue which itself has been such a success over many years and which now has many loyal supporters in this area and beyond.