A “brighter future” for 230 Ugandan children

A massive thank you from Dolen Ffermio to all the wonderfully generous people in this local area and beyond for raising the magnificent sum of £8114 through their Christmas catalogue for orphans and needy children in rural Eastern Uganda.   Children do not go into orphanages in this part of Uganda but are taken in and cared for by their extended families, no matter how poor they are but it is a struggle for them so the gifts are a huge help.  Val Talbot, the project co-ordinator, says:  “This sum will enable the project to recruit a further 30 children in 2019 and they will be given a whole package of support for 3 years like all the other children on the project so that they can start building an income and get the most out of their schooling.  Since 2012, 230 children in Ngora have each been given uniforms, shoes and stationery to keep them in school; mosquito nets to protect them from malaria; training in a wide range of valuable income generating skills and gifts of livestock and seeds to help them build sustainable livelihoods.  These gifts transform the children’s lives and give them hope for the future”.

Moses Ekoi, the leader of the Ngora project, has also sent his heartfelt thanks, saying that the children can now look forward to a “brighter future”.   Val adds, “I’m sure you know by now that we are all unpaid volunteers in the UK and that every penny raised is destined for the project and please don’t forget that the fundraising continues throughout the year, with gift cards available for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions.  With our very grateful thanks to Rachael Sharpe, our new volunteer organiser, who has worked so hard to deal with the donations.  Thanks also to David Goodman and Cordelia Weedon for designing the catalogue for the last 4 years, Emyr Owen for Welsh translations and to volunteers and members who helped distribute catalogues and raise funds”.

If you would like to contribute, please send a cheque payable to Dolen Ffermio to Rachael at Fronlas Fach, Foel, Welshpool SY21 0NY or email res13@hotmail.co.uk.  For more information visit our website dolenffermio.org.uk, Twitter as @dolenffermio or Facebook as Dolen Ffermio.

Photo: This is Moses with some of his gifts, in front of his mosquito net, studying by the light of his solar lamp and with his supply of stationery. (Photo by Moses Ekoi)