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It looks as if spring is around the corner – at last! This has been a long, hard winter and we’ll all be glad to see it come to an end. Uganda, being on the equator, is blessed with very equitable weather, sunny and warm most times throughout the year. However, they are blighted by drought and this has been another difficult year for our two communities, Kamuli and Ngora, because of this and they would give anything for rainfall like ours. Fortunately, the rains brought some respite in March but, because of climate change, they are unreliable and unpredictable, so our priority is to try and help our partners to alleviate this desperate situation. Our two Moses (Ekoi in Ngora and Kitimbo in Kamuli), together with their equally dedicated teams continue to work tirelessly and selflessly for the good of their communities, with invaluable and greatly appreciated support from our Chair, Lorna Brown, who visits at least twice a year.

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